la batalla de l'ebre

The Battle of the Ebro was a conflict that tragically imperilled the lives and ideals of countless people. Those events are recalled and illustrated in the different sections of this permanent exhibition. As the introductory section of the exhibit, La noche de San Jaime (The Night of Saint James) takes the visitor back to the scenes of the battle, through a journey of sensations. El paso del río (Crossing the River) describes the objectives of both armies, whilst Los preparativos de la ofensiva (Preparations for the Offensive) and 115 días de combates (115 Days of Combat) tell the story of the battle, with a central focus on military, political and territorial factors. For its part, El último día (The Last Day) reflects on the defeat of the Republic and subsequent exile. Finally, La tierra herida (The Wounded Land) and Rememorar, hacer futuro (Remembering, Building the Future) appeal to thought and emotion, to spur a reconciliation with our past.

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